Veterinary Compounding

Here at Core Pharmacy we love your animals just as much as ours!  Being a compounding pharmacy we have the ability to compound prescription products for veterinarians which give your pets more options when it comes to their medication.  We have worked with dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and even rats.  We understand your animal may not want to swallow a pill, and how finicky those felines can be.  Options such as transdermal gels, great tasting suspensions, or even chicken flavored capsules make giving your pets medication easier!  Our veterinary compounding is intended to complement, not compete with your veterinarian’s practice, and we can work with your veterinarian to help in any way we can.  Some of the services we provide for our furry friends are:

  • Medication Flavoring
    For example: Instead of having to force your cat to swallow a tablet we can compound that medication into a suspension mixed with tuna, salmon, and sardines, making Fluffy’s medication irritable.  We have different flavoring options available that you can choose from.
  • Unavailable & Discontinued Medication Solutions
    Lets face it…large drug companies are wanting to make money and if your current prescription isn’t being used often or there is a shortage of supply you may not be able to get it.  At NaturalMed we compound to each individual order and take the raw powders for a product made for your pet.
  • Dosage Form Solutions
    We can compound tablets into suspensions or topical gels that you can apply a small amount to the inner ear of your pet.

As always if you have any questions about compounding for your pets contact us, we would love to help!