Hospice Compounding

Core Pharmacy and hospice care go hand in hand, we understand how to focus on the individual and are able to provide a medication regimen customized for each specific patient.  Some of the many benefits of hospice compounding include:

Alternative Dosages  – Patients that may have a difficult time swallowing medication may benefit better from a transdermal gel, or a rapid dissolve tablet that melts in the mouth within seconds.  Medications can also be prepared as suppositories, or oral suspensions.

Special Strengths  – Commercial products with set strength may be too much for a particular patient and cause unwanted sedation, but with a custom strength, we are able to still manage symptoms and provide comfort to make this a quality time to both the patient and the family.

Combined Formulas  –   While managing symptoms may require medication to be given around the clock we can combine and customize medications to keep the administration of medication to a minimum.

We have many formulas for things such as anxiety, oral care, nausea and vomiting, and pain that work great for hospice patients but if you have a specific situation please contact us at (618) 969-9600 and we will be more than happy to discuss the many options we have available.