We know the internet can be full of unreliable resources when it comes to researching your symptoms.  Here are some materials we think you may find useful.

Peri & Post Menopause Resources

Hormone Signs & Symptoms for Peri & Post Menopause

Hormone Signs & Symptoms for Peri & Post Menopause (Printable)

Hormone Symptom Questionnaire

Peri & Post Menopause Information 

Andropause Resources

Hormones Signs & Symptoms for Andropause

Hormones Signs & Symptoms for Andropause (Printable)

Alternative Health Resources

Candida Health Questionnaire (Online Version)

Candida Health Questionnaire (Print Version)

Additional Resources

Topi-Click Dispensers:  How To Use

Labs We Suggest When Looking At Thyroid & Hormone Issues

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